Treated & Seasoned Rubber Wood

The raw material, which is rubberwood cut to size, is first protected from Fungus and Termite attack by the Pressure Treatment with Borax and Boric acid in a timber preservation treatment plant. During this process required quantity of this Chemical is absorbed by timber which protects it from decay.
After this, the timber is dried to a uniform low moisture content by Timber Dryers. After this treatment and drying (Seasoning), due to the nature of rubberwood some timbers develop bend, twist and crack etc. These defective portions are cut and thrown away as waste. The straight pieces of rubberwood after treatment, seasoning and cutting away the defects is our sold as BOROTIK RSKD. RSKD is the term used in Timber trade for dried and seasoned timber in the rough sawn stage. Treated, Seasoned to international standards and cut to size is supplied as RSKD in standard sizes as well as S4S (Four side planes) and also as made-up products against orders. This budget-friendly ‘Ready-to-use’ timber is ideal for joinery, furniture making, interiors and general carpentry work. It leads itself easily to planning, sanding, carving and polishing, and is amenable to all surfaces.

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