Commercial Plywood

BOROTIK provides two types of moisture resistant commercial type of plywood that is well suited for interior applications like most type of interior doors, furniture, cabinets and shelves. They are Moisture Resistant (MR) and Boiling Water Resistant (BWR) grades. They exhibit high dimensional stability, strength and negligible warpage and distortion due to our unique wood seasoning technique. It is chemically treated to be termite and borer resistant. It can easily withstand all the water exposure encountered during its intended application. Among the two grades, BWR offers better protection against humidity and water exposure with a minor increase in cost.

BOROTIK Commercial Plywood Specifications

product parametersSpecifications
Plywood Type Engineered & Treated Plywood
Ply used 3-Ply, 5-Ply, Multi-Ply
Available Grades Moisture Resistant (MR)
Boiling Water Proof (BWP)
Water Resistance MR Grade– High
BWR Grade – Very High
Panel Size Standard size is 00 x 00. Custom sizes are also available as per customer needs.
Door Thickness 00 to 00 mm
Adhesive Adhesive used is synthetic Phenol Formaldehyde resin conforming to BIS specifications IS: 848
Formaldehyde Emission Much less than the E1 standards limit of 8mg/100g of dry board.
Quality Indicator Conforms to ISO 9001:2015
Workmanship & Finish Semi- Automated & Highest

IS 303-1989: Plywood for General Purposes- Specifications

sl.NoPrescribed TestBWRMR
1 Moisture content (%) 5-15 5-15
2 Dimension
a. Length
b. Width
c. Thickness

d. Edge Straightness

>6mm: +/- 5%
<6mm: +/-10%

>6mm: +/- 5%
<6mm: +/-10%
3 Modulus of Rupture (MPa)
a. Across the grain
b. Along the grain


4 Modulus of Elasticity (MPa)
a. Across the grain
b. Along the grain




Waterproof Plywood

  • Borotik chemical treatment and seasoning eliminates distortion, warping and maintains dimensional stability.
  • They are chemically treated to be impervious to termite, borer and fungi attack
  • They have high strength to weight ratio.
  • The plies act as crack arrestors which prevent crack propagation through the plies and substantially improve the service life of the plywood.
  • The panel shear of plywood is nearly double that of solid timber due its cross laminated structure. This makes plywood a highly effective material to use in gussets for portal frames, webs of fabricated beams and as bracing panels.
  • The panel shear strength of plywood is approximately twice that of solid wood. This is due to its cross ply or cross laminated structure. This makes it an indispensible material for structural applications.