Veneer Skin Doors
Veneer Skin Doors

Flush doors refer to a class of Solid core doors that are completely filled with wood or wood composite materials. Solid core doors make use of an engineered wood core which completely fills the wooden frame. The door is then provided with a veneer on both sides of the core. The solid wood frame along with solid wood composite core provides high structural integrity and robustness. There are many variants within solid core doors based on the solid core used, veneer used etc..

The core used may be particleboard, fiberboard or blockboard having its own unique advantages. For example blockboard has higher bending strength, less manufacturing cost and time while particleboard provide better material distribution and is an effective alternative when appearance is less important. Fiberboards have advantages like smoother surface, ease of machinability, low cost and easily available raw materials.

Borotik gives unmatched assurance on the quality of our doors as they are carefully manufactures under controlled environment using sophisticated equipment. Our Danish technology chemical impregnation and seasoning makes our doors superior to other low quality products in every aspect.

BOROTIK Flush Door Technical Specifications

product parametersSpecifications
Door Type Engineered Treated Wood Door
Core Solid core of Blockwood/Particleboard/Fiberboard
Panel Size Standard size is 00 x 00. Custom sizes are also available as per customer needs
Door Thickness 00 to 00 mm
Adhesive Adhesive used is synthetic Phenol Formaldehyde resin conforming to BIS specifications IS: 848
Formaldehyde Emission Much less than the E1 standards limit of 8mg/100g of dry board
Quality Indicator Conforms to ISO 9001:2015
Workmanship & Finish Semi- Automated & Highest

IS 1659: Block Board (BWP Core Composed & MR Grade)

SL.noPrescribed TestsGrade BWP BIS SpecificationGrade MR BIS Specification
1 Resistance to water No Delamination after 72 hrs. boiling at 100⁰C
2 Dimensional changes caused by humidity No more than +/- 1mm
3 Adhesion of plies Minimum Minimum
4 Mycological tests No appreciable sign of separation at edges Minimum
5 Modulus of Rupture (Avg.) 50 MPa 40 MPa
6 Modulus of Elasticity (Avg.) 5000 MPa 4000 MPa
7 Screw Holding Strength (kg) 80
8 Nail Holding Strength (kg) 50

IS 2202 Part I: Flush Door

SL.noPrescribed TestsSpecifications
1 Workmanship and Finish Satisfactory
2 Dimensions & Squareness test • Length & width within a limit ± 5mm
• Thickness within limit of 1mm (±)
• Variation in thickness within 0.8mm
• Door shutter shall not deviate by more than 1 mm
3 General flatness test Twisting, cupping, warping not more than 6 mm
4 Local planeness test Depth of deviation not greater than 0.5 mm 14 Glue adhesion test No delamination shall occur in glue line
5 Impact indentation test Not more than 0.2 mm
6 Flexure test • Residual deflection should not more then 1/10 of max
• Deflection at max load should not more than 1/30 of length and 1/15 of width
7 Edge loading test • Deflection of the edge at the maximum load should not more than 5.0 mm
• Residual deflection should not more than 0.5 mm
• Lateral buckling should not be more than 2 mm during loading
8 Shock resistance No delamination should be observed due to light and heavy body impact
9 Buckling test • Residual deformation should not be more than 5.0 mm
• Initial deflection should not be more than 50.0 mm
10 Slamming test Shall not have any visible damage
11 Misuse test There shall not be any permanent deformation
12 End immersion There shall be no delamination
13 Knife test Excellent or pass standard
4 Local planeness test Depth of deviation not greater than 0.5 mm 14 Glue adhesion test No delamination shall occur in glue line
15 Screw withdraw Resistance test Not less than 1000 N


Veneer Skin Doors


  • Borotik specially treated and season timber ensures that there will be no distortion or warpage in the dimensions while ensuring highest door strength and durability.
  • Doors can be customized to a variety of sizes as per customer requirements.
  • These doors have the least cost, extremely lightweight and high strength to weight ratio.
  • Superior technology, equipment and workmanship result in an unmatched product that has the least possible distortion, warping and highest possible strength and life.
  • They are chemically treated to be impervious to termite, borer and fungi attack