Borotik briquette is basically a cylindrical capsule of saw dust and wood chips compressed in a single slider crank compressor to increase the specific density of raw materials by about 4-5 times. The advantage is that they make better alternative to firewood as fuel in boilers and similar appliances. On account of its high density, its heat quantity increases significantly, offering a cleaner, richer fuel alternative. Biomass briquettes also have high calorific value per kg saving around 30-40% of boiler fuel costs due to the fact that moisture content of briquette is as low as 45 compared to about 60% of firewood.
                       Borotik Briquette Technical Specifications
Parameter Value
Constituent Sawdust, Wood chips
Appearance Smooth outer surface and coarse inner
Pellet size Diameter (mm) 65
Length (mm) 100 – 300
Briquette density (kg/m3) 1200
Heating Value or Calorific Value (MJ/kg) 17.65 – 18.58 (based on report: doi:10.3390/f10080638)
Nutrient content (kg/ton) N – 2.4
P – 0.2
K – 3.4
Ca – 4.8
Mg – 0.7
Average Carbon content (ton/ha) 78 – 144
(% biomass) 49.8
Average Ash content (% biomass) 1.8 – 4
Binding Agent Lignin
Workmanship Fully Automated
Application Alternative to firewood as fuel

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