Membrane Door

Membrane Door

Membrane doors refer to a class of doors resulting from the amalgamation of Wood-Plastic-Composite (WPC) or Fiberboard design panels glued to Flush or Solid wood doors.  The quality of these doors depends on the precision and standard of the manufacturing process. Borotik membrane doors are made using cutting edge fully automated technology to ensure that the doors are of the highest quality. 3D designs are made on the WPC or Fiberboard panels using Italian CNC Routing machine which results in top class product with minimal tolerance. The panel is then glued to the base solid or flush door. Another coat of adhesive is provided and a pvc membrane film coating is given which is cured to match international standards in a vacuum membrane press machine by allowing it to bond and cure fine. This PVC membrane foil brings positive changes to the door both physically as well as aesthetically.

Technical specifications:

BOROTIK Membrane Door Technical Specifications

Door Type Engineered Treated Wood Door
Core Solid core of Blockwood/Particleboard/Fiberboard
Coating PVC Membrane Foil
Panel Size Standard size is (82”± 1”) x (32” ± 1”). Custom sizes are also available as per customer needs.
Door Thickness 3”+1.25”
Adhesive Adhesive used is D4  resin conforming to BIS specifications IS: 848
Formaldehyde Emission Much less than the E1 standards limit of 8mg/100g of dry board.
Quality Indicator Conforms to ISO 9001:2015
Workmanship & Finish Fully- Automated & Highest finish
Appearance Glossy & Smooth




  • Since the doors are coated with a thin PVC membrane foil, these doors are essentially waterproof and thermal resistant.
  • The door color does not fade
  • They are termite, borer and fungi resistant
  • It is completely resistant to warpage, bend, bow, tear and other structural distortion.
  • Maintenance is extremely easy and the PVC foil imparts a rich grain texture in the desired orientation.

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